At HRC Cleaning, we offer professional service for strata complex cleaning, including rubbish removal.
Strata Cleaning Sydney

If you need an end-of-tenant lease clean up, rubbish removal from basements, garden maintenance of frequent internal and external cleaning services, we can help. With over years of experience, HRC Cleaning have become service specialists in strata cleaning, servicing the greater Sydney area.

Our strata cleaners use only the most sustainable and efficient products, paying close attention to detail to achieve the most desirable results each time. Our staff is available weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at the frequency of your choice. If you’re a building owner or strata manager, contact us for all your strata needs.

Our specialities include:
  • Common area cleaning, including vacuuming and mopping
  • Window or glass cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpark cleaning
  • Garden watering, lawn mowing and tree trimming
  • Minor electrical services such as globe changing
  • Waste management and rubbish removal

Why is it essential to hire strata cleaners?

To properly address your strata cleaning scheme, it is exceedingly important to hire companies that provide reliable strata cleaning services. Strata Cleaning services are not like the average cleaning you do every day inside your home. The building owner must bear in mind that diverse people live in the same building, therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional team to safely clean open and shared areas for the tenants. Health and safety should be a priority. Strata cleaning focuses on providing hygienic cleaning services that fit the client’s needs. Strata cleaners are highly trained and are equipped with the appropriate tools to deal with various types of surfaces that they may encounter when providing strata cleaning services.

What areas are given most attention in strata cleaning?

  • Hallways / Lobby

Every tenant in the building goes through the lobby or the hallway on almost a daily basis. That is why it is essential to keep these areas thoroughly clean to assure that transmission of contaminants brought by other people is avoided. Strata cleaning services consistently clean these areas to maintain a hygienic environment for all concerned.

  • Stairwells / Lifts

Just like hallways, stairwells and lifts are most commonly used by tenants in the building. Stairwells generate foot traffic which could potentially bring in dirt and other harmful organisms. Lifts on the other hand are enclosed spaces and mostly occupied by several people going in and out. If not disinfected properly, these can be potential breeding grounds for germs and other harmful viruses.

  • Windows

Strata cleaners have tools that would enable them to suitably clean surfaces that are not easily accessible like windows. These surfaces need a lot of TLC and strata cleaning companies could give this to you.

  • Driveways / Parking Lots

These areas are public spaces and are prone to dirt and mud brought by vehicles of tenants and visitors alike. Aside from these, there could be minuscule sharp objects that could be lying around in surfaces and parking lots that could damage property. Incidents may happen anytime and by hiring strata cleaning companies, tenants and visitors alike could be assured that they are safe and so are their properties.

  • Garden

A garden enhances the overall appearance of a building’s exterior. It is necessary to keep the trees trimmed, the lawns mowed and the garden watered to attract more tenants to your strata complex. Strata cleaning companies also provide these services.

  • Waste management and rubbish removal

It’s not just about maintaining cleanliness and aesthetics. The most important tasks that a strata cleaner could offer are waste management and rubbish removal. They are knowledgeable in various ways of properly disposing waste and rubbish.

Why you should hire HRC Cleaning?

HRC Cleaning is a group of service specialists servicing the greater Sydney area and they have been in the cleaning industry for 17 years now. The strata cleaning team of HRC Cleaning use only the most sustainable and efficient products available on the market. They pay close attention to detail to achieve the highest quality strata cleaning service for the client.

The amazing staff of HRC Cleaning is available weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or at the frequency of your choice!

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