AtHRC Cleaning, our services extend to the maintenance and cleanliness across the whole hospitality industry.

Hospitality Cleaning Sydney

We provide outsourced cleaning services to hotels, serviced apartments, bars/pubs, restaurants and shops. We also offer sterile cleaning services for locations including hospitals, medical centres and all health/leisure facilities.Our experienced staff only use the most resourceful equipment to operate silently, but efficiently, with techniques living up to our high quality standards and customer satisfaction. Our staff is also available for servicing occasional, weekly, fortnightly or monthly needs.

HRC Group: The Best in Hospitality Cleaning

House-elves of the real world

“CLEAN” is a serious word in the hospitality industry. It goes hand in hand with health and safety. If we were in the Potter-verse, house-elves would be our definition of superb cleaning skills. House-elves are there to clean lodges, offices, schools, and any other dwelling place as if their lives depend on it. Luckily, they have magic. In the real world, we have people in the hospitality cleaning industry to do the job for us. They do it silently, quickly, and as efficiently as house-elves do WITHOUT magic, just pure skills.

Having a clean hotel means more hotel guests and more bookings from recommendations of friends and colleagues. Having a clean restaurant would mean amazing reviews and keeping a sterile environment clean could very well be the first line of defense against spreading diseases.

Profits of hiring a hospitality cleaning company


Whether it is deep cleaning of a kitchen restaurant, hotel rooms or dealing with sterile environments, professional hospitality cleaning companies must adhere to certain standards set by the authorities. Professional cleaning companies ensure that their staff is always trained to have high cleanliness standards.


Instead of having to worry about how to keep your establishment clean, professional hospitality cleaning staff will gladly take that off your plate. This then enables business owners and employees to focus on how they can serve their customers better. Hospitality cleaning staff would be a great help to businesses especially on peak hours and holidays where every aspect of the business is in a frenzy.


By hiring a hospitality cleaning company to assist you in your business, you get the freedom to choose when and how you want your establishments cleaned. Professional hospitality cleaning staff would present you with a cleaning schedule that would work with your existing operating schedules.


Buying industrial-grade products and equipment could be costly. Why spend money on these things when you could hire a professional hospitality cleaning company to provide them for you? They offer you with a well-trained staff that is knowledgeable in cleaning standards equipped with cleaning supplies that of industrial grade. Think about not worrying about the step by step process of using industrial-grade equipment. Your chosen hospitality cleaning staff will do that for you. They know exactly what works on what needs to be worked on. It is a win-win situation for everybody.


Cleaning companies are aware that taking care of your business reputation in the hospitality industry means unending work for them as well. Ergo, they take care of your business just as they take care of their company itself. They give extra care by giving clients the satisfaction that they deserve.

Choose HRC Cleaning!

HRC Cleaning has had more than 17 years of experience in the cleaning industry. They provide outsourced cleaning services to various sectors of the hospitality industry including, but not limited to, hotels, serviced apartments, bars/pubs, restaurants, and shops. They also offer sterile cleaning services for hospitals, medical centers, and all health and leisure facilities.

Our specialities include:
  • Hotel cleaning services, including housekeeping
  • Professional cleaning services for sterile environments
  • Hygiene and sanitation in public places including commercial kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms and common areas
  • General building maintenance

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