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COVID-19 Cleaning in Sydney

After facing and braving the Coronavirus-19 (COVID 19), we are now facing another reality. We are now into the New Normal which could mean we have to make sure that everything has been disinfected and cleaned. There are professional cleaners that could help you in ensuring that your office is bacteria, virus, COVID-free. Commercial Cleaning Sydney is the answer!

Although many companies are now embracing the work from home set-up, we can’t still erase the fact that some organisations have sensitive materials and processes that are demanding its employees to be on-site to protect their processes and get the job done. HRC Cleaning’s Commercial Cleaning Sydney will help you to make sure that everyone will stay healthy on the site while doing their tasks.

A Word from the Health Experts

The World Health Organization released the cleaning and disinfection guidelines that all companies, whether public or private sectors, must follow in the context of COVID-19. No one is going to contest that cleaning the workplace helps remove or lessen contaminations thus the first and an essential step in the disinfection process. According to the WHO, environmental surfaces such as doors, stairway rails, countertops, floors, walls, sinks and toilets, electronic gadgets (computer sets, remote controls), furniture, and fixed items must be consistently and regularly cleaned and disinfected to provide transmission of the virus.

Prevention is always better than cure, right?

COVID-19 cleaning

Why Trust HRC Cleaning?

We understand you and your business that is why we take great pride in offering our very own Commercial Cleaning Sydney service. You can have a three month trial period before we ask you to commit to us long term.

HRC Cleaning‘s COVID-19 cleaning includes the following:

  • daily touch point cleaning
  • full deep decontamination cleaning,
  • decontamination spraying
  • antimicrobial fogging
  • sanitation

Here are some resources on how to maintain hygienic practices that you and your employees will find helpful:

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19

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